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Sunday Summary — 01.17.21

Hello friends,

Hope you had a wonderful week.

Thank you all for the great feedback on last week’s issue.

Appreciate you taking the time.

Let’s get into it:

Visual of the week


5 Mental Frameworks Exceptional People Use Every Day

This week, the exceptionally talented Polina Marinova Pompliano shared insight into the five mental models she encounters most often when writing about the world’s most remarkable people for her newsletter The Profile:

I spent some time distilling each principle into an accompanying visual.

Read the full article here.

Dunning-Kruger 101

Some grounded commentary on the phenomenon of the “self-proclaimed genius” by new friend and collaborator Sahil Bloom.

Lots more to come via this partnership.

Read the Twitter thread.

Opportunities Don’t Visit Caves

Janiz Ozolins writes (and illustrates) his relationship with the “Perfectionist Monster”

Another example of the opportunity that can only arise from working in public.

Read it on

Extra Curricular

I bought some new art for our home office via The Skateroom — not only do I love the product, their business model is fascinating.

As a Certified B Corp — they partner with artists to license their work for reproduction (in a very niche way) and donate 25% of their profits to funding education.

Positive-sum stuff.

(I am not affiliated with The Skateroom whatsoever, just a fan!)

This product is designed with you in mind, so let me know what’s noise and what’s signal and we’ll keep tweaking.

All the best to you and yours,


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