What a Time to be Alive

This email will arrive in over 10,000 inboxes around the world.

Some of you will be enjoying a Friday evening, some asleep, and others waking up on Saturday.

That’s the power of content leverage.

This is not a new idea. Your favorite artists, directors, and entertainers have been taking advantage of this phenomenon for almost a century:

Now you and I get to do it.

Record podcasts, write emails, shoot videos, write code.

Produce it once, deliver it twice.

Build it once, sell it twice.

Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight.


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Hello friends,

This weekend I’m sharing a story of VV member Robbie.

Robbie is an experienced trial lawyer with 102 jury trials under his belt.

Click on the headline below to read about his transition from selling his time, to building scalable product:

How Visualize Value cost me $300 and brought a 100x ROI.

And he’s just getting started.

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Where to start

Hello my friends.

Tonight’s edition of the VV newsletter is another gesture of my appreciation for your precious attention.

I’ve put together a short (and free) playlist of content and tools that I’ve been using to build the Visualize Value brand over the last couple of years:

Check it out here. (and let me know what you think)




Happy weekend my friends,

If you weren’t able to make it earlier this week, below is a replay of my conversation with Justin at Gumroad.

We talked about how Visualize Value came to be, the sources of inspiration that informed the journey, and the creative principles behind publishing consistently:

If you have any questions after watching, shoot me a note and I’ll do my best to answer.



Join me in the studio

Hello friends,

Tomorrow I’ll be joining my friend Justin for a chat as part of Gumroad Creator’s Studio series.

Our conversation:

Build once, sell twice.

I’ll be sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned in building the Visualize Value business from a part-time scratch of a creative itch, to a media brand that pays me a full-time income.

We’ll cover:

Divorcing your time and income.


Productizing yourself.


Working in public.


Failing in public…


And leveraging networks.


Join us tomorrow at 1PM ET: RSVP Here.

If you have a question on any of the above, shoot me a reply and I’ll be sure to cover it tomorrow or follow up with an email here.

Look forward to seeing you there,


If you’d like to brush up on the Build Once, Sell Twice curriculum in all it’s detail, use code GUMROAD for $50 off. Available here for the next 50 orders.

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