Repetition, Thick Skin, Nonsense

Hello friends.

Hope you’re doing well. It’s been a while.

Sticking to a schedule for emails is not going to happen for me, so I hope you enjoy these sporadic notes each time I feel I’ve accrued enough notes to share.

"The more you get pushed, the thicker your skin, the thicker your skin, the higher you go." — Gordon Ramsey

I heard this on Ramsey’s appearance on Hot Ones (segment starts around 5:30), he talks about his many mentors, and summarizes what they taught him with the above quote.

Repeat Yourself

I got a message on Instagram last night that reminded me of the power of repetition.

It’s hard to appreciate the bizarre reality in which we can record our ideas and have a profound impact on someone’s life/business/career, but that’s never been more true than it is today.

With that in mind, repetition is a responsibility.

VV Merch

I’ve been doing a bit of a store overhaul for VV, and with it introduced some limited run merch. The process been absurdly simple with the Printful Shopify plugin (highly recommend), and the demand has been great. If you bought one, thank you. You can check everything out here.

Not Investment Advice

One of my favorite parts of the week is firing up Zoom to record this nonsense-talking podcast with Trung Phan and Bilal Zaidi.

We talk memes, tech, markets, and whatever else is going on each week, the agenda is set by the links and tweets shared in our group chat.

We’re four episodes in, if you listen and enjoy it, please drop us a rating/subscribe 🙏

Listen/watch: Apple, Spotify, YouTube.


If you’re not familiar, BitClout is a “decentralized social platform” that was shrouded in controversy not too long ago, last week a few people much smarter than me gave it the stamp of approval after the code was released to the public.

Early feedback, it’s pretty interesting to see how an emerging network behaves with a set of very clear financial incentives.

I’ll be experimenting with it and keep you posted on what I learn. If you’re already on there, shoot me a dm.

Extra Curricular

I’ve been drinking Jibby Coffee for the last few months.

After reading their hand written notes in our first few orders, Celia reached out and the founders came to VV Office Hours this week and told us their story.

You can grab some here. (not sponsored, just a fan)

See you somewhere on the internet this week,