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Sunday Summary — 01.31.21

Hello friends,

Hope you all had a powerful first month of the year.

Big week this week, so there will be a few extra pixels to scroll today.

Let’s get into it:

Visual of the week

“Progress is deciding what not to do.”

First Principles 101

Another installment in our collaboration with Sahil Bloom — his words, my visuals, breaking down first principles thinking.


Blown away by the response to this tweet by Daniel and I think there’s an amazing lesson here. I was in two minds about posting this visual initially:

“Is this accurate for everyone?”
“Maybe it’s just my experience.”
“Is this an oversimplification?”

In hindsight, I couldn’t have predicted that it would resonate like this, and if I’d have decided not to share it, I would never have found out.

“If you don’t try, you’ll never know.”

Another win for team cliché.

Build Once, Sell Twice in Action

Visualize Value community member (and Amazon bestselling author) Jamie Russo, wrote up a short article on the lessons he took from our training program Build Once, Sell Twice to publish and promote his #1 bestseller, The Underdog Paradox.

Read it here.

$GME, Set, Match

I imagine you’ve come across this present-day David vs. Goliath story somewhere on the internet this week. (if not, here’s a great thread by our friend from a few paragraphs above, Sahil Bloom)

I couldn’t resist getting involved by mocking up this hoodie — the response on Twitter was ridiculous so we’ve made them available for purchase here.

To stay on theme, in defense of the little guy, we’re donating all proceeds to The Barstool Fund for small businesses devastated by COVID.

Personal Monopoly Webinar

I participated in a 90 minute webinar with the outstanding David Perell and Ana Lorena Fabrega on How to Build a Personal Monopoly

Data suggests there is a 1/179 chance you won’t enjoy it.

Let me know.

Extra Curricular

I’m not that big on sweets — but this is exception-making stuff.

Tony’s white chocolate and raspberry popping candy.

There are some very talented food chemists working at this place.


I am in no way affiliated with this company, just couldn’t keep it to myself.

As always, thank you for your precious attention.