Fork in the Road

Hello friends.

Today I launched a VV/155, a daily members-only feed with a simple set of constraints:

One visual.
Fifty words.
Five days a week.

Initially, I built it separately from this list, capturing payments with Stripe, and using a seperate email service (to avoid paying the 10% substack fee) and quickly realized that was a mistake.

It’s uglier, harder to manage, and adds another set of platforms to wrangle.

So, I’ll be using the paid tier of this newsletter to both deliver that feed directly to members’ inboxes, and grant access to the members-only content feed (and happily share 10% with Substack for making it happen).

If you bought yesterday, your membership will be transferred over (you do not have to do anything). Thank you for your trust and patience.

If not, (and you’d like to join) you can hit the button below.

Either way, Thank you for being a supporter of VV. It’s massively appreciated.

You’ll still receive free content as a subscriber to this list, and by following on Instagram and Twitter.